Gadgets that caught our eye at CES 2019

The gadget convention in Las Vegas is packed with thousands of companies showing off their futuristic devices. Some products are innovative; others will never make it to stores.
Although there were fewer standout launches and announcements compared to past years, these things caught our attention amid an endless sea of headphones and speakers.

Useful robots

Robots are a mainstay of CES, but they’re usually just something fun to check out before moving onto what will actually be useful in the next 10 years. The robots on display this week were built with some practical applications in mind, such as helping out around the house.
Samsung’s Bot Air wanders around and purifies the air in different rooms, flashing a green light when the air is considered clean. Meanwhile, the Ubtech Walker is just over four-and-a-half feet tall and can fetch objects like your slippers. Another robot, the Temi, can’t grab things, but it can use image detection to follow you around and make video calls or Google recipes.

Everything is voice controlled now, including a toilet

Voice commands are coming to everything in your life, from the refrigerator to the toilet. Countless companies announced they were adding Google Assistant and Alexa powers to their gadgets at CES. Kohler is including Alexa in its new Numi toilet, so you can control things like the heated seat, lights and ambient noises it’s programmed to play. You’ll also find the dueling voice assistants in smart thermometers, door locks, showers, speakers, robot vacuums, ovens, and washing machines.

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