Best Kitchen Entertainment Device

I am so excited to review the lasted in Smart Kitchen Entertainment Technology- The  NC820 Review by: Sungale

I was looking forward to receiving my new electronic Digital Kitchen Entertainment Gadget after seeing it reviewed on numerous sites by popular blogger’s. It arrived fast and was packed very well!

We purchased our’s here:


Of course, you can purchase directly from Sungale’s website too, you will find they have some very cool gadgets, so if you are a techie or just interested in the latest technology, this is a site to check out! Other retailers such as are carrying this item because it is becoming so popular with busy Mom’s, wanna be home chef’s and of course the millennial crowd are always interested in the latest, greatest technology! …. just about anyone who would love to have thousands of recipes and cooking websites at their finger tips, Surf the web, check your social media, listen to your favorite music or audio book!

Really, there is not much this kitchen helper cannot do! I am really enjoying finding new recipes to cook all while checking my social media accounts and listening to my favorite Pandora station (although other’s are also available such as i Heart Radio).



The DKE (Digital Kitchen Entertainment) comes with a white adapter, USB cable and Quick Start Guide, everything you need to set this fun gadget up & get started right away!



This little beauty is 8.3 x 7 x 5.3 and weighs only 2.5 pds. The white would look nicely in any kitchen decor without taking up very much counter space! Now that’s a plus!!!

The two 2” loudspeakers are powerful.  Built with HiFi sound, you can blast your favorite music without distortion, these speakers are perfect to watch a movie on Netflix or catch up on that latest audio book on!


On the top, it has on standard SD card slot, one Mini USB port, and Power, Home and Back keys.


The large icon buttons are easy to use and the screen brightness can be adjusted in the settings screen, but one of the features I really love is the touch screen operation, talk about easy! Just swipe through your Social Media accounts….your favorite recipes sites, and unlimited choices of Audio Books,  Music,  Video, Internet Radio, Stored Photos, Social Media, Online Recipes, Cooking Sites, My Recipes.


The Quick Start Guide, will  show you how to easily set up your Wi-Fi connection. Just press the Utilities/Setting/Wi-Fi, icon and you will see your  home wireless router, just type in  your password and you are connected! That’s it, super easy to use but there is also a support number at Sungale if you are having trouble connecting, their helpful and friendly sales /support team are there to answer any questions you may have.


Under the Audio icon you will find it is already pre-loaded with the top 3  Audio Book sites:, and LoyalBooks, I think these are top 3 audio books although from the ALL APPS screen you can connect and download from the Google play store any APP you want! How cool is that?

I listened to my first book on, it starts to work immediately, no registration needed. All you have to do is search through the category that interests you! It works well, the voice sounds clear, and never skips, just clear, precise sound, even when you turn it up!


Under the Internet Radio icon,  you will find, iHeartRadio, Pandora and TuneIn. Again, you can choose any APP you like from the Google App Store. Then all you have to do is select the music category you prefer  when the music comes out from the device, the sound is fantastic and clear due to the HiFi speakers! Even when I turned the volume to the highest setting the sound is not distorted. Many people will use an iPad, tablets, or even cell phones on kitchen counter to listen music or check recipes when they are cooking  but, this Smart Kitchen Entertainment makes it much easier to do all the things you love to do!


On the Cooking Sites icon,  I found AllRecipes, Bettycrocker, Chowhound, Epicurious and

I have tried several recipes from all these websites, (more on that later) and  watched several  “how to” video’s on various cooking websites, so easy & convenient, no more trying to find a place to set your laptop or cell phone! This stays in place and is easy to keep clean!

Next, let’s talk about your Social Media accounts…. everyone has at least one of these accounts, while some of us utilized all of them!! So your  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest they are all there for you!

On the Online Recipes icon, I found a lot of recipes, they are organized well in different categories such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, meat & poultry, seafood, pasta, vegetarian, vegetables, salads, appetizer, main course, desserts & more! You also have a timer, so you can keep track of what you are cooking!


In the My Recipes section, you can download your favorite recipes, maybe your family’s secret recipes ….or cooking videos from your computer or SD card.


I almost forget the photo feature, you can store your favorite photos here, the interface is clear, and the operation is simple, all the images I downloaded from my computer where high resolution!

This device is especially designed for putting on your kitchen counter-top and it is powered by android.

Considering its unique design, size, and two big speakers, I think the pricing $149.95 is a great deal! This would make the perfect gift for anyone who spends time in the kitchen , and let’s face it, we all do! It will bring digital and internet entertainment to your kitchen!