Review of Sungale Cloud Frame

I bought a Sungale’s 14” cloud frame CPF1518 about 40 days ago, and I just find time to open the box. I must give this cloud frame 5-star rank for its product concept, for its software, for its operation, and for its features and functions. The impressed points in my mind are as follows.



Put cloud storage into the frame – The traditional DPF uses memory chipsets as its storage devices no matter it is SD card, or on-board flash memory, or both of them. However, this cloud frame bring us to the unlimited cloud storage, the frame provide 10GB free cloud storage, then, if you need more storage, you can buy more.  As for the advancement of cloud storage and technology, you can google “cloud technology”, it is the next generation of IT product.


Remote manage the frame – This frame is so special, it is not a regular DPF with a single chipset processor, it is based on android OS, and you can manage it remotely via internet, supposing this frame is put in New York city, you can send photos from Huston, and each your family members can setup his/her albums from different places for the frame and sending photos to the frame. Of course, also you can use it to display your photos stored in your SD card and other storage devices.

Easy Operation and app – I did not find any information about apps of the cloud frame from the packed stuff and from Sungale’s website, but, as a veteran in IT industry, I do not believe such an advanced device does not have an app. I used my Samsung cell phone to search “Sungale” in Google Play Store, immediately I found “Sungale Cloud Mobile”, I downloaded and installed it, it works perfect, the response is very fast, and sending photos to frame is so easy. I bet you will like this feature.  I just wonder why Sungale did not mention this feature.

Grandma Frame – For any big family, I think the family center is grandma or grandpa, they have their sons and daughters, grandkids, even great grandkids, and they care these kids because the kids are their continuity. With this cloud frame, every family member can setup his/her own album and send photos to grandma at any time from different places. The cloud frame make family unite together, this is not any other devices can compare with.

Multi-function Frame – It has many other functions such as compatible with various other social media, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and watching movies via Netflix…,



Registration – Some people may feel unaccustomed when he needs to register his product on computer.

APP photo limit – The app works quite well, in couple of seconds, the photos can be sent out, but each time it allow me to transfer only 10 photos, I wish it can be as many as possible.

Social Media – The cloud frame is compatible with all social media, but it is in app pattern, if the cloud frame can link the social media by API, it will become perfect anyway some of the social media have opened their SDK and API.

Packaging – The package looks crispy, for such a high end product, it deserves a better package.



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